We'd love to hear your story on how you use Regius Primoris's products or how it's been a part of your life.

  • Hong Kim Fong (MY 0000130)

    Before this, even I’m using other skin care products, the dark spots and fine lines on my face are very clearly seen. After five days of using the XO-II, it is obvious to improve my facial laugh lines and elasticity. Laugh lines are lighten a lot, and even felt firm up, in addition, very shiny, and dark spots have faded.

    And Sheep Placenta Plus, after taking for five days, the spirit is more vibrant than before, and not easily get tired. Due to I usually get up early but sleep late, and also need to take care of family business. I used to have fall off, and injured my knee, often I will fell a little pain. On the third day after taking it, the pain is gone, and I even feels my legs are more powerful.

  • Loh Siew Hui

    Before taking OPC-3 Plus Premium, my stomach and defecate is less smooth, drier skin, face contour often has many acne.

    After taking for one week, I can see the effectiveness, I have a better defecate, without using too much time, and obviously my skin is not so dry anymore, acne on my face are reduced a lot. I will continue to keep taking such a great product and will recommend to my family and to share around the use. Thank you Regius Primoris!

  • Mira

    I work in the pharmacy, with a long working hour, I easily felt tired and restless, upon using the OPC-3 and Fish Oil, I can feel more energy to carry out all my daily work in the pharmacy, most importantly I eager to meet the challenges and my mind are always positive.

    Sheep Placenta has increased smoothness, softness and radiant of my skin compared to previously, more stamina and able to sleep very well.

    Bio Essence XO-II also help me in terms of dry skin becomes more elastic and maintains skin’s moisture balance. The greatness of this product from the Regius Primoris that I want to share with all.

    Thank you Bio-Essence and sheep placenta ! You make my way to healthier life !!

  • Teo Chin Wee [28] (MY 0000716)

    I usually work a lot, working up to 12 hours. Usually in the evening 8-9pm I’m feeling very tired, and require a long time to rest. In particular, most of them require leg muscles, hence after work felt sore feet. In addition, I am also a smoker. Every day woke up and will feel dry throat and phlegmatic. Before taking the Essence of Kangaroo, always are “waiting for an erection” and not many sexual fantasies.

    After taking the Essence of Kangaroo, I not easy to feel fatigue, sleep easier, and after work the feet did not feel so sore, have more concentration, even can participate in football activities after work. In addition, after getting up, obviously throat is not so dry, and phlegm gradually reduced. Now I even have more sexual fantasies, letting me “wait for erection” adult sexual relationships. Thank you Regius Primoris for such a great product!

  • Shany Low Suet Yuen [28] (MY 0077527)

    I am a beautician, used a lot of skin care products, but the overall that Bio Essence has the fastest effect, after using it, my face is clearly seen that bright shiny, and felt more confident, the scars left before also downplayed. I suggest that you use it before sleep will give you a super good effect, such as moisture, reduce fine lines quickly, not only white but also balanced brightness.

    This product contains collagen which make skin more flexible and Johnson slippery.

  • Erny Roslyna Bt Roslan

    After using OPC-3 Plus, I can feel a lot of changes from the product. Previously I experienced premenstrual syndrome (PMS) per month, but after using the OPC-3 Plus it decreases, other than that, the OPC-3 Plus also provides more vitality for me in daily activities and I am more motivated to do the work at the office.

    Thank you Regius Primoris friends for introducing this great product to me and my family.

  • Mohd Fadzil Bin Manap

    I feel fortunate to be introduced to the Essence of Kangaroo, because it has a different effect on me. After I used this product, I am more energetic than before such as feeling tired and lethargic and lazy to get up in the morning before this. Try this product, and you will surely smile.

  • Sebastian Liow Chee Yang [28] (MY 0000450)

    Since I take Essence of Kangaroo, I discovered that my spirit has been very significantly improved and enhanced energy. I used to often stay up late, until the night my concentration and physical exhausted, after taking for few days in a row, I feel energetic even in the evening, in addition, it also gave me psychological and physiological satisfaction in my sexual life, improved energy shortage and fatigue phenomenon. Now I think I am a energetic real men!

    Thank you for such a good company to introduce such good product into Malaysia, to let us have a chance to enjoy!

  • Alex Tang Sin Keong (MY0086497)

    Before this, I am easy get tired when working, concentration is not good, don’t have much energy when need to move the goods. Usually feel very tired when woke up early, when driving wolrd doze off, very dangerous!

    Since taking the Essence of Kangaroo about 3 days, significant improvement in the concentration, better stamina, before this get up at 9am and feel tired at 2pm, after taking this I feel more energetic, can maintain the concentration until night. Thank you Essence of Kangaroo for letting me energetic.

  • Amelia Hafiza

    Packed daily schedule as necessary to divide the time to learn, work requiring a high level of focus. Sine using the product Omega-3 Fish Oil by Regius Primoris I can fell the changes, I was able to devote more attention when reading, in office, and meeting with clients, so I am very satisfied with the results and by taking this product. Thanks to the upline for introducing this great product to me!

  • Kasmiza Said

    Thanks to the Regius Primoris has introduced me to the OPC-3 Plus, before this I was having a lazy life, tiredness, sleepiness, lack of enthusiasm and productivity for less work, but after I took OPC-3 Plus I changed to hard-working life, fitter, more motivated in the spirit of doing the work and focus of the course work. These changes can be felt by all partners in the regular business hours of work and family.

  • David Chair Ngar Chieng [50]

    First contact with the company’s products is the Essence of Kangaroo, when the boss gave me the sample, when I took it two weeks later, I felt like I’m particularly intercourse, there may be a relationship between age and stress, so this needs relatively less, but I gives me the urge to get back a young man, after using my concentration is better than before, especially often driving car.

    I take the particular product is OPC antioxidant products. After eating I noticed hair and nails grow particularly fast. There earwax also particularly a lot, then notice this product can help to increase the body metabolism. There is pain on my left foot often, then friends introduced me to take before other collagen, but no effect, but then after I took the company’s placenta, now I have no feeling pain, and my skin has become more smooth, more spirit and vitality, I am very confident to the company’s products, and I will continue to take and share to more friends, thank you Regius Primoris.

  • Jimmy Wong [19]

    Everyday will be tired in the afternoon, wake up in the morning but sleep back in the afternoon, study also tired. Go college sometimes sleep in class when teacher come in late, go gym also tired, no mood to workout.

    Every morning wake up I take 2 pcs of Essence of Kangaroo, really so effective can last until at night, sometime only start in the morning but go to college never feel tired at all. Sometime got practical until 6pm use a lot of energy physically and mentally, but after taking Essence of Kangaroo can last until at night. Enter gym more energy workout last longer. Didn’t feel tired after that, still can concentrate during every session.

  • Tam Kah Fong [58]

    In the olden days, if a man goes to the beauty salon, he is considered vain but not anymore with the change in perception now. Many skin care and beauty salon for men are doing roaring business nowadays. The Gen Y in particular are more conscious of importance of skin care and they visit the beauty salons at regular intervals.

    For me, I am mindful of personal care and good health. I have been a believer of the need to take food supplements simply because we do not take a balanced diet in our modern society. What more with such a hectic working life in the big city. As our environment is getting more polluted due to industrialization, the need to take care of our skin becomes important too.

    When I was first introduced to the Bio Essence XO- II ,(with sheep placenta and Argireline,)the first thing I looked at is the contents and manufacturer's reputation.

    My skin used to be dry which means I have to rely on some sort of moisturizer daily . The Bio essence XO II has contents which can fight aging ad reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It has since become my preferred choice.

    After six months of using the Bio Essence XO II, my complexion glows and you can hardly see any wrinkles even at the angle of my eyes. Mind you, folks, I am now 58 years young and many did ask me why I retired from work when I am still so young.

    For the business leaders of Regius Primoris, you have to use the products yourself to find out the benefits before you can confidently recommend to others. If the product can work to rejuvenate my skin, I am confident it can do likewise for you too.

  • Wilson Tan Kuang Meng

    Year 2012 oct 19th i met a heavy accident on federal highway.what i had done when sent in to hospital UM with 18 hours operation, 52 pint blood, 32 pint whiteblood cell, vascular crafting( if this operation fail i have to amputate my full right leg.) plating for openbook pelvis, plating for clavicle fracture intestine crack of bottom 30% , open for intentine to put  colostromy bag. i had a very very swollen body. include my private part, doctor even told my family my private part might not function anymore. clavicle fracture,pelvis open book, intestine crack, talus bone fracture, 17 part body bone fracture, tigh vascular transplant, skin crafting,chip off sartorius and rectus femoris,chip off tibialis anterior i had stay in the hospital for exacty 60days.

    After i had discharge from hospital i am quite depress and upsad.for the pass 60days in hospital i am on CBD treatment (urinary catheter) i stil remember my family told me my private part might not be function anymore. i had try sometime about the erection... but it is only halfway done. i remember my good friend told me longtime ago, about kangaroo essence....he name it as kangaroo ball! hahaha...so i try to research online what is that about kangaroo essence... after i had search some webpage... it says that will improve improve leg stamina!    ( i really need this, cause i had lying on the bed 60days... all my muscle had gone) improve physical strengh and stamina. improve erectionimprove libido.

    So i just give a try about this essence of kangaroo brand name Regius Primoris. order online and it had delivery to me on second day. for my case i had try two tablet perday morning each and night time each. for the first 3 to 4 days i feel nothing, but one week later, my overall stamina are improve, cause i am started trying to walk everyday, it is significant improve my lower body part strength the best part is libido are increase and erection are so so so so so good!!!!!! i had totally buy 2 bottle os essence of kangaroo. after i had finish this supplement i want to order it again,but it has out of stock... i am started worry about my lower body part... i affraid my leg got no more strength or stamina... i am affraid of my libido or erection function problem come back again.

    But miracle come to me... i had stop for 2 month taking about essence of kangaroo but i am still in good performance about my leg and erection function. it is not medicine, it is supplement. after a month later the seller told me they already restock, i quickly deal with him for 4 bottle for myself. and now, thanks for Regius Primoris Mr Fushen sponsor me full-range of Regius Primoris Product.

  • testi-19 

    Kelly Chong (MDA) Full Time Distributor

    Dulu badan saya mudah letih dan kulit kering. Keadaan angin perut adalah melebihi daripada 10 tahun, rawatan pengamal cina pun tidak dapat pulih. Setelah saya mengambil OPC-3 PLUS Sebulan kemudian, angin perut saya sembuh, rabun dekat juga dikurangkan kepada 150 darjah. Saya melakukan ujian sel, sel-sel diagregatkan bersama (Level 4 - tidak sihat), badan juga banyak radikal bebas, pakar pemakanan syarikat mencadangkan mengambil minyak ikan Omega3 dan plasenta biri-biri, selepas sebulan saya membuat ujian sel lagi, sel-sel saya mengingkat lebih baikkepada Level-2 (sihat), kesihatan saya bertambah lebih baik dan dinamik. Muka saya berkilat dan kulit harus . Terima kasih kepada Pengarah RP dan syarikat membawah produk yang hebat ini ke Malaysia. Saya berkeyakinan 100% atas produk, bukan sahaja memdapatkan kesihatan dan juga mendapatkan kekayaan dari segi perniagaan . Saya pasti akan mengongsikan produk ini kepada semua orang di sekeliling saya. Terima kasih

  • testi-20 

    Madam Tan (49), Kuala Lumpur

    Selama ini denyutan jantung tidak begitu biasa, tapak tangan mudah berpeluh , memori tidak sebaik orang biasa, kemungkinna tekanan kerja pada hari biasa , kualiti tidur pada waktu malam tidak baik dan mudah terbangun dari tidur. Apa yang saya lebih bimbang adalah kulit kering saya dan tidak berkilau, kelihatan lesu dari luar.

    Pada suatu hari, anak saya membeli MINYAK IKAN omega3 REGIUS PRIMORIS kembali dan bagi kepada saya untuk cuba, saya makan dua kapsul sehari. Enam minggu kemudian saya mendapati diri kualiti tidur saya bertambah baik, denyutan jantung kembali kepada degupan jantung biasa denganbegitu cepat, apa yang saya lebih gembira ialah banyak rakan-rakan saya berkata bahawa saya kelihatan segar dan bersemangat, saya sedar kulit saya licin,harus dan berkilau. Terima kasih anak saya membawa saya produk yang begitu baik.

  • testi-21 

    Jeremy Chiah (32) Full Time Distributor

    Saya kurang sihat, beberapa minggu yang lalu, pening yang teruk dan terpengsan di dalam tandas bilik mandi dan tidak dapat bangun daripada jatuh dan mempunyai parut yang sangat dalam, isteri hantar saya ke hospital, doktor pun menjahit parut saya dengan enam jarum, tetapi masih meninggalkan parut jahitan dengan ketara. Selepas empat bulan saya mengambil RP Plasenta, parut di muka saya pulih dengan cepat, sel-sel kulit pun lebih berkilat kelihatan lebih sihat. Sekarang hampir tiada parut kalau dilihat, yang penting memulihkan kekacakan saya!

  • testi-22 

    Mdm. Tomoko Sakuraba, INDONESIA

    Being a mother of four, I have a hectic schedule and its hard to focus on my own health. My skin starting to showed some wrinkles and my nails are brittle. Having irregular and heavy menstruation cycles made it even more difficult to cope.

    After being introduced to Eien-No and the Sheep Placenta+ Plus by my husband, my complexion is showing some improvements specially with the wrinkle lines. My nails are starting to grow evenly and stronger as well. And after taking Sheep Placenta for about a month my menstruation cycle is back to normal and a lot lighter. My energy level has increased and I am able to keep up with the childrens.

    I will start to try some other products from Regius Primoris that my husband recommends to me.

    Regius Primoris has helped me with my busy life and will recommend it to everyone who has similar lifestyle.

  • testi-23 

    Mrs Carmen Luk (HONG KONG), Bridal Wear Designer

    Being always working and busy all the time, not getting enough sleep was always an issue for me. Lack of sleep leads to bad skin and unhealthy life style. As a girl, finding the right beauty product for my skin is hard, until I came across the product 'EIEN-NO' which was the perfect product for me. My skin pigmentation is slightly darker then your average girl, but 'EIEN-NO' worked miracles for me within less then 2 weeks! With instand reaction from the peeling gel, after being applied, all the dirt and dead skin was instantly peeling of my face instantly!!!My skin was getting smoother, more refreshed, and most important of all 'EIEN-NO' has a whitening effect on me! Personally, I would recommend this for all women, as I cannot use any other word except 'magical' to describe this product.

    After trying 'EIEN-NO' I decided to take a step further and try another product from Regius Primoris, the 'Sheep Placenta +Plus', I find this product to get good health, its not something that you can put a price on. The sheep placenta didn’t have much effect until about 2 weeks into it, I started to feel a bit different. Every morning insteading of waking up tired and grumpy, I gradually felt more and more refreshed when I wake up. Its a feeling that is very hard to describe, but it makes me feel more energetic. Hence now being on both the products 'EIEN-NO' and 'Sheep Placenta' for a few months, and they have given me miraculous effects, I donn’t think I will change away from these products for a period of time and maybe even try more 'Regius Primoris' products for the near future.

  • testi-24 

    Kelice Kwok Sien Yoong

    Sejak kecil badan saya amat lemah dan mudah sakit, perlu berehat sebelum jam 11:00 setiap malam dan tidak boleh tidur masa lewat malam. Tahun lepas saya memeriksa denyutan jantung dan diketahui denyutan jantung saya lebih cepat daripada orang biasa, yang paling tinggi sehingga 114 kali seminit, kemudian saya cuba makan ubat tradisional Cina dan didapati turun 10 kali , kesan pemulihan amat lambat! Teman lelaki saya memperkenalkan OPC-3PLUS dan Sheet Placenta, dari Regius Primoris kepada saya, selepas tiga minggu didapati denyutan jantung jatuh lebih 20 kali, pemulihan kepada 84 kali seminit . Saya begitu terperanjat terhadap berita yang baik ini , tambah lagi saya juga makan Fish Oil baru-baru ini dan melakukan memeriksa denyutan jantung , doktor berkata saya bahawa denyutan jantung saya memulih kepada normal! Sekarang Ketara mengurangkan jumlah kesakitan. Badan lebih kuat daripada sebelum ini, juga meningkatkan sistem imunisasi. Saya begitu bersyukur kepada produk yang hebat ini , dapat kembalikan kesihatan saya ! Terima kasih!

  • testi-25 

    Alison Ng Kwan Yee, Engineer

    大家好 我名字叫 chei jun jack (Ethan) 23岁 来自巴生 sentosa 在我还没接触regius primoris 之前 我是脚是有皮肤敏感的,我用了2年的时间和大量的金钱去 医治我的脚,都医不好没有效果.(每当工作时间脚会流汗,脱皮,有裂痕,犹疑工作穿包鞋时间太长 导致我的脚皮肤潮湿和破裂,痛. 可是当我接触regiusprimoris 公司后 用了RP opc 3plus的产品后,我的脚就慢慢开始,好转,(2个星期会有小小的改变,直到我现在服用了regiusprimoris 的opc3plus 产品2个月后 我的脚就完全回复了

  • testi-26 

    Chang Pei Thing (27), Pharmacist

    I had always liked skin care products because I have very stubborn freckles. I have tried many brands of products even expensive ones like SK2, clarins and etc but I still couldn't even lighten my pigmentations. Then I came across regius primoris's XO2 essence and sheep placenta plus. As I know Australia is a very strict, developed and innovated country. Why don't I give it a try? Since I have nothing to lose. After 2weeks of use, to my surprise, I have noticed obvious results on my stubborn freckles. Which I could never see such result before. As time goes by, my complexion got better and better. My skin glowed, I was fairer and people around me started noticing and asked me what am I using. So that is where my trust in this company stands till today.

  • testi-27 

    Pang Sui Jin (26), Doctor

    As a health professional, top performance is required in every split second. Decision is a matter of life and death.i have to wake up in darkness to handle difficult situations which in turn governs prognosis of patient.

    I might not open my eyes in 7am after a satisfactory sleep. Out of frantic I found OPC Plus, a product yielded as a result of edge-cutting technology from Regius Primoris.

    OPC Plus harvested goodness of blackcurrant and concentrates its powerful antioxidant property into a tiny capsule.

    Subjectively, I felt a tremendous improvement in terms of working performance, particularly after night calls. Before taking OPC Plus, I found myself loss and perplexed after a bad call. However upon taking it, I still can energetically work as a doctor dawn after night.

    If u ever faced difficulty of having to perform after sleep deprivation, OPC Plus will be ypur best companion. A sincere recommendation from a health care worker's point of view.