High Quality Manufacturing

Located in the pristine environment of Sydney's Northern Beaches; our 12000 sqm state-of-the-art manufacturing site is the first fully equipped multi-functional cGMP factory in Australia and holds an Australian Manufacturing License #M1-13122004-LI-000303-2 and an Organic Certified Processor license from the BFA (Biological Farmers of Australia) # 10319P.


Health Supplement Department
Our Health Food Department caters for the ever-increasing demand for the health food supplement products. The department has many high-tech machines to make soft gel capsules, hard capsules, and tablets. This is supported by laboratory scale and pilot plant scale development programs where every aspects of the products such as purity, quality, efficacy, and stability are scientifically evaluated and optimised prior to implementation at full scale production level.


The company follows Australian Code of Good Manufacturing Practices that asks for stringent control over the quality of raw materials, processing conditions, and hence the quality of the finished products. This is achieved by a team of dedicated analytical chemists and microbiologists who work round the clock to make sure that at no point the quality of the products is compromised.


The laboratories' quality control are equipped with latest equipments such as: High Performance Liquid Chromatograph, Polarimeter, Spectrophotometer, Infra-red Spectrophotometer, Automated Refractometer, Viscometers, Dissolution and Disintegration apparatus, Stability Ovens, Refrigerated Incubators, Autoclaves, and Laminar Air-flow Cabinets etc. Data Loggers help to track and record all the production and quality control parameters on the computers. This helps in high-throughput screening of various production batches by the quality control and quality assurance staff.


To meet the increasing demand for soft-gel capsule, we have set up our own state of art soft-gel capsule manufacturing facility. The facility has the latest machines for weighing and mixing of ingredient, and a computerized encapsulation machine that works at high fidelity. The machines have provisions of online monitoring of the quality of the products. Latest air control mechanisms have been installed to prevent any cross contamination within products. Hygiene of the area is monitored frequently using microbiological air sampling devices.


Skin Care Department
The Research & Development Laboratory of the skin care department has developed many dedicated formulations from the purest natural resources of Australia. All our materials used are from pure natural Australian plants, Australian aboriginal plants, Australian ocean plants, Australian natural pure mines, and famous enriched Australian sheep lanolin, placenta, and collagen proteins etc.


All of the skin product produced are analysed and tested by a team of dedicated analytical chemists and microbiologists who work round the clock to ensure that product contains no harmful chemicals, traces, or bacteria. Product integrity is tested to ensure that all the bio-active ingredients are fully potent in the finished products .All our skin care products are also filled and packed in accordance to strict cGMP guidelines.


Safety Check Flowchart
All of our products will go through 20 safety check points to ensure that the quality of the products produced are up to standard.


"Australia has a clean and green environment that is the envy of most countries around the globe. With a vast array of natural resources and hence unique product formulation, Australian made products are fast gaining popularity and recognition around the world."