Regius Primoris believes in giving back to the community through its various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes. It is as important to grow the business, as it is crucial to give back to the community in which country our business are located. Much forethought and careful planning are given to our CSR programmes and we are proud to say that we believe we are achieving these objectives.

Apart from participating in numerous charity events throughout the year in conjunction with Malaysian festivities, Regius Primoris also embraces the less fortunate children's education, welfare and needs. Our passion for caring society extends beyond mere financial assistance but is aimed at inculcating a CSR mindset not only on the less fortunate but all who work with Regius Primoris.


Ti Ratana Christmas Charity 2012
Location : Ti Ratana Sri Petaling
Occasion : Company yearly Christmas charity 2012
Gathered Fund : RM30,000
Company Objective : Provide orphanage needs entertain orphan for Christmas and old folks clean whole Ti Ratana premises.
Date : Dec 2012
Remark :

Total of 150 members attended this charity event.




House Of Joy We Love Redang Event 2013
Location : Redang Beach Resort
Occasion : Company sponsored charity tour
Gathered Fund : RM25,000
Company Objective : Brought 37 orphan kids to Redang for 3 days 2 night granting the orphan kids their wishes.
Date : Sep 2012


Make A Child Smile Charity Event 2014
Location : KL Bird Park
Occasion : Company sponsored charity event
Gathered Fund : RM11,288
Company Objective : Brought 66 children from Ti-Ratana Welfare home, accompanied by their 2 guardians to visit KL Bird Park.
Date : 04th January 2014



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