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OPC-3Plus Premium

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OPC-3Plus Premium


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REGIUS PRIMORIS OPC - 3 Premium Plus (KKLIU: 1908/2013) is a premium formula with active ingredients grape seed, grape skin, pine bark, bilberry, bioflavonoids and vitamin c. This unique formula makes a powerful anti-oxidant which is ten times more effective than regular grape seed formulations.

Regius Primoris OPC - 3 Plus Premium contains multi-pure superior anti-oxidants 'Proanthocyanidin' that is extracted by supercritical fluid extraction. The innovative extraction technology eliminates toxins that may be present in the used plants while still preserving up to 95% of the premium natural ingredient, PROANTHOCYANIDIN.

In medical research, Proanthocyanidin is a well-known super anti-oxidant. Preliminary human studies reveal that Proanthocyanidin may give protection against heart disease and cancer. It is also recognized as a powerful radical scavenger, boosting the absorption of Vitamin C at the cellular level.



  1. Help prevent and relieve arthritis
  2. Anti-allergic properties
  3. Enhance blood circulation and protect cell membranes against the harmful effects of radical aggregation
  4. A super anti-oxidant; effectively protects blood fat from oxidation, reducing the chance of venous disorders and heart disease and cancer
  5. Promote oxygen flow to the nerve fibres which is especially pertinent to the computer operator



Vitis vinifera seed ext. dry conc. 35mg
Equiv. seed dry (Grape Seed)  
(Equiv. to procyanidins 28.0mg) 4.2g
Vitis vinifera skin ext. dry conc. 33mg
Equiv. skin dry (Grape Skin)  
(Equiv. to procyanidins 31.35mg and resveratrol 16.5ug) 16.5g
Pinus maassoniana ext. dry conc. 33mg
Equiv. to stem bark dry (Pine Bark) 19.8g
Vaccinium myrtillus fruit ext. dry conc. 33mg
Equiv. to fruit dry (Bilberry)  
(Equiv. to anthocyanosides 8.25mg) 3.3g
Citrus Bioflavonoids 50mg
Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) 50mg


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